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Conceptual Readymades and Design

In my art practice, I like combining product design with funny, delightful, cute, and weird concepts. I enjoy doing various designs, but adding my unique twists and unexpected humor bring whimsy to plain objects.


Mold Making, Sewing, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Conceptual Thinking, Fine Art, Painting, Photography


May 2016 - July 2019


Milk Jug Jewelry

I created these jewelry pieces out of milk jugs that I cut, folded, and tabbed. I gave myself the challenge of creating these objects without glue, just origami techniques on milk jugs. This is an exploration on how to make sustainable readymade objects that help the environment, instead of harm it.


Breakup dolls

I created three different handmade dolls that are ironic communication tools to break up with someone. This concept explores the ending of a relationship, and how how you should be sincere and kind when you break up with some one, but it's hard to communicate that. The dolls are ironic. They are fun, soft, and huggable - everything you need to get over a breakup. It's a gift that not only provides comfort and sincerity in it's form, but also communicates the serious desire to breakup.


Naked Bear Face Mask

An exploration on packaging and mold making design, with the concept of unexpected humor in the placement of the tube. Inspired by Brock Davis


Recycle Tears

Recycle Tears is an imaginary, dystopian, and satirical product I designed to explore the extremity of business practices and beauty. In the dystopian future, I imagine businesses may grow to exploit and make money on anything - even the tears of the customers. Combined with the extremity and obsession of the beauty industry, where the products can even harm you to look beautiful, this product is commentary on the dystopian future that must be avoided.


Gucci Goodwill


Designer fashion brands like Gucci are known to have luxurious, expensive, and beautifully made clothing, that can become wasteful once they are burned and disposed of. To explore how designer companies can act in sustainable ways, I made a Gucci jacket using only Goodwill thrift store clothing. I wanted to experiment with the look of translating high fashion with the cheapest and out-dated fashion in the form of thrift store materials.


Factory Girl (A Page from my Female Oppression book)

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