Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Poster

postcard back copy.png


2 posters were created using Photoshop to advertise the Spring 2017 Lecture Series for the School of Architecture. To make the poster more fun and engaging, I edited the photos using a duotone palette and edited Yvonne Farrell and Grafton Architects’s Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología (UTEC) building as the background picture.

Tools: Photoshop

Role: Designer

Objective: Create 2 posters for the School of Architecture program and use hiearchy

Duration: 2 weeks


Initial Poster Ideas

Style iterations

Style iterations

Although the edited poster image of the circles and the photograph is visually interesting, the contrast was distracting the text box, so I eventually narrowed it down to the duotone images of the building, and the event header.


Final Posters

postcard back copy 2.png
postcard back copy.png