federal crimes compliance pamphlet

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paxata Foldable Pamphlet in Strata Data Conference

The Federal Crimes Compliance (FCC) tracks crimes by businesses. To ensure that these crimes are met and put to justice, Paxata’s data preparation software is used to more easily can spot these crimes.

I designed this pamphlet and made sure that the branding was consistent with the other print materials by Skona. I also curated the content of the pamphlet by reading a larger document about FCC and condensing the information down to this readable pamphlet.

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign

Role: Designer


For my first time creating print material, I learned a lot about having to use crop marks and the whole approval process of going through the company's marketing head, the writer, the designer (me), and the printing company.

A physical photo of the pamphlet will be published here shortly!