Game Art and UI Design

turn based game menu.png

 Game ARtist

For my extracurricular, I am a game artist and UI designer for Game Creation Society. Here are some of the projects I worked on:

- Turn Based Horror

- Mama

- Tanks On Planks

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Role: Background Artist, Character Artist, UI Artist, Designer

Turn-Based Horror Menu Screen

Turn-based horror is a game where whenever a player moves, they are encountered by spooky creatures and spooky events. The game is set in a broken laboratory. I created the UI screen to be spooky, fun, and approachable.


Tanks On Planks: Background and Character Artist

background blue.png
background change.gif
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.46.21 AM.png
tanks on planks.png

I worked on a 2D space game called Tanks on Planks 2016 fall year as a part of the CMU Game Creations Society. I created four backgrounds that would change gradually throughout the game and four sprites. I also collaborated with other artists (Jan Orlowski, Ilana Franklin) and computer programmers (Adrian Biagioli, Cal Lavicka, Carter Williams, and Kade Stewart).

Mama: Horror Platformer Background Artist

downtown bg.png
hallway bg.png
living room bg.png
park bg.png
playground bg.png
stairs bg.png
watching bg.png

I worked on an experimental horror game named Mama, which is about a child’s journey from baby to adulthood to escape his abusive mother. As the background artist, I depicted the background to be abstract and surreal to show how fragmented and intense children can view the world when they are scared. 

For my art, I combined hand-drawn drawings with photos and manipulated them on photoshop.


Experimental Animation from Backgrounds