Game Creation Society (GCS) is a university club at Carnegie Mellon that invites members of all disciplines to develop their own games. 

As the Public Relations Head, I communicate with outside game companies such as Schell, EA, Zynga, and Activision to create events that showcase games that GCS has made. I also advertise in social media by to recruit and get the rest of the university involved with our club.

I created all flyers, social media events, and any other graphical assets for GCS. Through this, I made sure that GCS has a strong brand identity and presence online. 

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography with DSLR

Role: Marketing, Design, Photographer


Social Images

GCS Spring showcase door sign.png

For all the social headers, I designed it so that the location and title of the event is present. I also try to make it visually appealing by adding colors and patterns to create depth.



I made a flyer to attract new members to come to Game Creation Society. I made sure to communicate that we are a fun and inclusive club to people of all different interests.

For Pitch Fair, an event where students would pitch their ideas for a game, I created this poster to be taped all around the school. It is a big event where everyone comes to join a team in which they will work on creating for the rest of the semester, so I made sure that the design was festive and energetic.




For main GCS events, I take pictures and write social media posts to increase our online presence. Here is an example of the GCS Showcase Release event in Fall of 2017, where team members show off the games they have completed.