Paxata Internship

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Summer and Fall Marketing and Design INtern

Paxata is a data-preparation company base in Redwood City, California. The company grabs overwhelming information and organizes it down to where businesses can easily interpret and use the information. I was able to communicate their emphasis on usability and professionalism, by visually designing materials for them.

In the summer of 2017, I was a design intern working in the marketing field. I created digital graphical assets such as social media graphics, banners, and UI screens. I also updated their branding, power points, and I occasionally communicate with Skona to push out digital materials. 

In the summer of 2018, I was promoted to a visual design contractor in the marketing field. I had more responsibility in pushing out social media graphics, and I had a new role in creating two product marketing animation videos for Paxata. I also worked in the documents team to create graphical assests to explain how the dashboard of Paxata works.

Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects

Role: Designer, Marketer, Animator

Objective: Create graphical assets for marketing, UX documents team. Create two product marketing animations


Whiteboard video


Story Board for Video


New Video! What is Paxata Self Service Data Prep?


Social Media Graphics ExampleS

Here are some of the social media graphics I created during my internship. After introducing my graphics to their social media accounts, after 30 days Paxata's Linkedin following increased by 30%. They now have imagery on all platforms.



The Federal Crimes Compliance (FCC) tracks crimes by businesses. To ensure that these crimes are met and put to justice, Paxata’s data preparation software is used to more easily can spot these crimes.

I designed this pamphlet and made sure that the branding was consistent with the other print materials by Skona. I also curated the content of the pamphlet by reading a larger document about FCC and condensing the information down to this readable pamphlet.

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign

Role: Designer

For my first time creating print material, I learned a lot about having to use crop marks and the whole approval process of going through the company's marketing head, the writer, the designer (me), and the printing company.

A physical photo of the pamphlet will be published here shortly!


Other Graphical Materials

Paxata writes blogs to help users use their data prep technology, and they needed a graphic to show on their website this series. I created this with Photoshop to communicate the blog series


Email Banners for Evanta Chicag, Strata Data Conference in New York, and DDAC 2018

I created these email banners to advertise the Strata Data Conference for Paxata and used the backgrounds of Chicago and New York to show where the conference is going to take place.


T-Shirt Design for Fall Release 2018 

Bottle Design

Office Mural



Both of these gifs were advertisements on social to promote Paxata's data preparation software. The first one was a statistic I animated to  emphasize the problem of big data and governance.

Tools: Photoshop, After Effects


The first image of the gallery is the BEFORE image of the infographic. The second image is the AFTER image after my design and rebranding.


Rebrand of the Solutions Brief

This is the complete solution brief which I rebranded based on the new and current brand of Paxata. I made sure that it was readable, everything was aligned, the font sizes, body text, and icons matched the branding of Paxata.


UI Screens

In addition to creating graphics and rebranding design, I helped create UI screens for the documents team  to clearly explain the software. To do this, I received a digital powerpoint and redesigned it using illustrator, a drawing tablet, and my co-worker's handwritten font. Next I labeled and drew everything on illustrator to get the "sketchy" and readable look.